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MORE Visitors and MORE Conversions with these 8 MARKETING CHEAT SHEETS

Marketing Cheat Sheets

  • Sales and copywriting,

  • Email marketing,

  • Creating sales funnels,

  • Persuasive marketing,

  • Positioning your business offerings,

  • Product creation,

  • Productivity,

  • Creating the perfect squeeze page.

What’s a Marketing cheat sheet?

A sheet (well downloadable PDF), packed with clear, direct and proven instructions on smart marketing, smart tips for the smart marketer – between 700 and over 800 words per sheet – with no waffle allowed.

Each sheet takes you through correcting the most common mistakes online marketers make, reinforcing the best strategies to take, and telling you those to avoid.

And, the best thing - you don’t have to sit down with a waffle filled book, or trawl through loads of websites and forums – how much is your time and your business ambitions worth exactly?

Here's the Copywriting Cheat Sheet for FREE

You can read the sales and copywriting cheat sheet in its entirety for free here: (this page will open in a new window)

Tell me that there wasn’t at least one item that you didn’t find helpful? Or is it that you know a bit of this “stuff”, but fail to act on it in your day to day marketing?

These PDFs will instruct you how to be a more effective marketer, and making most of the customers you have, and how to bring in new fresh customers to build your business up faster.

Marketing Cheat Sheet ... save yourself some time and effort and cheat

The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet –

Attention is now, arguably, the scarcest commodity on the Internet. Find ways to get attention, keep it, and masterfully redirect that attention onto your offer.

The Funnel Cheat Sheet –

Can you afford to give away a £10 - £20 – or even a £30 product for just £1 on the front end of your funnel, just so you can acquire as many customers as possible? You can, and many other businesses have been adopting this strategy for decades.

The Influence & Persuasion in Marketing Cheat Sheet –

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

The Positioning Cheat Sheet –

When you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nothing much of anything to anyone of importance. What can YOU do to stand out from all the “me too” marketers out there?

The Product Creation Cheat Sheet –

Why create your own products? It establishes you as an authority and an expert. Develops trust and credibility. Guarantees you build a customer list. Guarantees you keep 100% of the profits.

The Productivity Cheat Sheet –

Time Management can be an excuse for people who like to blame outside circumstances for their failure to get things done. You likely don’t have a time management problem, you do, however, most likely have a Self-Management problem.

The Squeeze Page Cheat Sheet –

Never ask people to blindly sign up on your page. If they are unsure what EXACTLY they are signing up for, you are guaranteed to build a low-quality email list.

The Sales & Copywriting Cheat Sheet –

Well, you’ve read that one already, but you will be getting the PDF version to print off and always have to hand.


How much is your time and business worth that you can't afford to invest the cost of a few coffees? If you don't value your business that much, well ...

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