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Did you know that even today, in 2024, direct mail gets more responses than email marketing? Forbes magazine reported that the US Direct Marketers Association found that direct mail’s response rates are actually anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital response rates.

And one of the masters of Direct Mail is Bill Myers, who back in 1996 published “301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques, & Secrets - The Insider’s Guide to Direct Mail Marketing".

There is a 'thing' today ... everything has to be new. Old information is useless.

Well, here's a shocker - the impulses that people use to buy or not to buy haven't changed. And, the way effective direct mail works hasn't changed.

So whether you want to focus only on direct mail, or incorporate it in to your current marketing, this guide should be on your digital shelf.

Your success in direct mail marketing DEPENDS ON 4 THINGS
Do you know what they are and their order of importance?

Do you know the 5 key characteristics your target market MUST HAVE in order for your direct mail strategy to succeed?

Are you simply selling the wrong thing to the wrong people?
Do you know the inside methods to find (or create) the exact products your direct mail customers WANT TO BUY?

 "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques, & Secrets" The Insider’s Guide to Direct Mail Marketing - A Lifetime of Direct Mail Marketing ... by Bill Myers

Successful direct mail marketing (online and offline) is more than copywriting and targeting - it's as much about research as anything else .

Research into knowing that the product that you want to sell in your direct mail piece, is something that your customers REALLY want to buy - a product that has direct mail oomph!

No oomph! less sales - More oomph! more profit margins, more sales and more profits!

Finding the 'hot' product, or even better creating the 'hot' product has to be your starting point.

And when you want some oomph, some plain speaking and clear instruction on marketing matters, direct mail and product creation in particular, there is only one person to go to - Bill Myers.

Respected by an army of product developers and successful direct mail marketers the World over, Bill Myers has developed the rules for straight forward success with direct mail - Starting with the basics of product choice, direct mail copywriting, direct mail strategy, through to developing and finding products for follow-up sales for true direct mail marketing profits.

Profits he uses to live the life he wants to live, quietly and successfully developing new products with a built-in-market guaranteed.

This book summarises clearly the essence of creating a successful direct mail product ... in black and white ... whether you are a one man band or small company ---

301 Direct Mail Tips by Bill Myers ... direct mail response rates are actually anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital response rates.

This book contains the RULES for Direct Mail OOMPH!

“I devoured this book’ As I read I made notes, marked it up, and learned more profit- boosting mail order information than I had learned from 14 different newsletters on the subject over the past year... and I paid over $1,500 to subscribe to them!... this book is a STEAL!” 
Brian Keith Voiles, President Brian Keith Publishing, Inc

Here are just some of the direct mail tips and strategies you are going to discover and finally understand:

  • The 4 things that your success in direct mail depends on and their order of importance? (see page 13) The 5 key characteristics your target market must have in order for you to succeed with any direct mail effort, if your market fails any of these tests, it’s a poor candidate for your project. (See page 12) Mailing list secrets exposed. Which lists work and which lists don’t! (see page 16)

  • Bulk or first class? Which is better for your test mailing? (see page 17)

  • The seemingly obvious, (yet little understood) ways to package your products for maximum success and profit. (see page 24)

  • Do testimonials really work? Find out on page 28.

  • Want to know the best and worst bonus items to use? (see page 26)

  • Does your mailshot look like “junk mail”? Learn what to do about it on page 29!

  • >What’s the most often used (and most profitable) premium? (see page 25)

  • The key rule for success when selling video tapes as part of a package. (see page 24)

  • What the “out of box experience” is and how it can keep refunds down to almost nothing (see page 26)

  • How to keep prospects from putting your letter aside - and how to get them to order now. (see page 28)

  • Does offering overnight delivery increase orders? Check on page 29 for the shocking truth!

  • Discover 18 proven tips for getting “in the mood” to write a bulls-eye targeted sales letter that pulls in orders like mad. (see pages 34 to 37)

Here are some of the Chapter headlines:

  • Ten Commandments of Direct Mail. Follow these basic rules to increase your chances of success and reduce the risk of failure. Choosing the Right Customers. Success starts with finding customers who already want your products. You’ll learn how and where you can locate them. Selecting Hot Products That Will Sell. Inside methods for finding (or creating) the exact products your direct mail customers want to buy.

  • The Psychology of Customers. You’ll learn the secrets of customer behaviour and how to use them to reduce resistance and increase sales.

  • Understanding Sales Letters & How to Get a Killer Response. Here you’ll learn tips on the components of effective sales letters and techniques for getting the best response!

  • Order Form Secrets. Find out why a good order form can increase your sales dramatically, even when customers don’t use it!

  • How to Get Your Envelopes Opened. Most sales letters get thrown away unopened. Here’s how to make sure your letter gets opened!

  • Layout For Maximum Sales. Looks are everything! But which “look” works? Learn insider methods for getting the most profitable “curb appeal”.

  • Increasing Your Profits: Discover techniques for increasing profits using back-ends, follow-ups, and up-selling - all of which will make mail order much more profitable for you!

Yes, you could spend a couple of hours trawling through loads of websites, finding bits of information here and there, and over a few days putting this all together yourself - perhaps - or you can save yourself the time now

“301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets” is only £1.50


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