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The Magic Story by Frederick van Rensselaer Dey

One of the first self-help publications?

Some people may find this too simplistic, or not direct enough.

Others will struggle with the language …

But, many people find inspiration in this short classic.

Set in the early 1900’s in Sturtevant, a penniless struggling artist buys a cheap old scrapbook to reuse as a sketch book … but unbeknown to him, is that there is a story inside the scrapbook.

The artist comes to call is the “Magic Story”, as everyone he retells the tale to starts to transform their lives, to a level dependent on how well they understand and follow the simple wisdom in the story.

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The Magic Story ... This book created a sensation when first published way back in 1900 in 'Success Magazine'. A story that some might not be at the right time in their lives for; or others a source of inspiration and motivation.

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