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The Simplest Possible Way to Create Your Own Ebook

“How To Create Your Own Profitable Information Product”
by Armand Morin

If you don’t have a product, here’s how you create one simply.

Think of a topic. Dieting is a good product. I always go to the low-hanging fruit, the easy one.

If you wanted to create a dieting product, what would you do?

You can do it yourself. That would take weeks, sometimes months. You can become an expert in dieting, in months or years.

Or you can search for articles on that topic. There are millions of articles under the term dieting on the Internet! Search for those articles and get, let’s say, between 25 and 50 articles. That’s all we need to make a book.

But, we’ve got to do this all right. We compile the articles into an organized format; we have to make sense out of the articles and arrange them in the proper way.

Simplest Way to Create an eBook ... How To Create Your Own Profitable Information Product

We’re going to produce a PDF e-book.

Now, you didn’t write the articles, so there’s one step that I need to mention because it’s crucial or you can get in big trouble. You have to e-mail all those people that wrote the articles and say:

“Hey, I’m putting together a book. I found your article on dieting. I think that it would be very appropriate for my book. I’d love to leave your information at the bottom so you get some free publicity. Would it be okay if I used your article in my book?”

Most people will say, “Yeah, no problem,” because they want the fame of being in a book, they want some traffic back to their site, so they will allow you to utilize their articles.

This can be done very quickly, with just 25 to 50 e-mails..

You can produce a PDF or an e-book. You can find free PDF software online.

You also have to create a sales letter for it, telling a little bit about it. Upload the book and sales letter to your server and drive traffic to the site.

You can do all of this in 48 hours, if you want to do it. This is the quick way. If people tell me they can’t create a product,this is it. Anyone can. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do it. In 48 hours, you’ll have a product that you’re able to market. It’s not complicated.

People will buy it.



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