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Millionaire Thinking for Women Seminars
by Veronica Lim

Veronica Lim,the founder of Millionaire Thinking®- Creating Lifetime Wealth, draws on her personal experience to coach and share the principles and tools of successful female entrepreneurship in the Millionaire Thinking for Women seminars.

"I earn a good salary and yet I had quite a significant overdraft which I felt I couldn't handle. Six months after attending the Millionaire Thinking for Women Seminar, my overdraft is completely cleared and I have money set aside for my car and holidays. I also have a clear vision of what I want to do with my life and am putting together concrete plans to getting me there. I feel in control, freer, richer, more confident, focused and generally more relaxed and happy. This money investment is the best I have made in 15 years. The return was there within such a short time, although I had zero money to start off with." - Kirsten Otto

Discovering the Skills of a Happy & Successful Female Entrepreneur

When Veronica's marriage ended in 1997, she found herself with no financial assets, despite having earned a six-figure income for years ... Deep down however, she knew that she would succeed in building her own career, and independent wealth.

However, when she set up in business on her own, things changed. She was surprised to discover many internal blocks to keep her from earning at the level she wanted, and fulfilling her dream of being a successful female entrepreneur.

What's more, she found herself feeling financially insecure even though she had since built up her own net worth to a significant level. But her relentless desire to find out how to have a sense of absolute freedom and joy, and how to "have it all" kept her going ... and now she lives the life she truly wanted.

Now you can share the secrets of her success

Veronica has distilled her learnings and discoveries down to an effective and simple system, helping people harness the power of their minds to build lives that are freer, easier and richer.

If you want to make a positive change in your personal or business situation and well-being, Veronica's ability to explain concepts in a clear way will help guide you to living the life you desire.

The Millionaire Thinking for Women Seminar

  • The opportunity to learn time-tested techniques which will enable you to get what you want faster, and to enjoy getting there.

  • The chance to develop mentoring relationships with Veronica Lim and members of your own Millionaire Thinking Inner Circle.

  • Meeting and sharing experiences with a supportive group of other like-minded individuals.

  • A renewed outlook on who you are and what you can achieve.

"I gained enormously from your seminar. I came away feeling very positive and with several financial strategies to put into place immediately; your money tips are great but it is not just about money of course but our own lives and stories. It proved valuable to me in unearthing yet more things, that were apparently blocking me, and which I thought I had dealt with. Even though I have considerable experience as a coach myself I still found new learning and gains to be had and would thoroughly recommend this seminar to anyone who feels they are not quite on the path they would like or are still dealing with some issues around money. I believe you have a completely unique product here and high quality content and materials, even down to your choice of music; this coupled with your own special energy and personality make it a winner!"
Elizabeth Turnbull

Female Entreperneurs ... The return was there within such a short time, although I had zero money to start off with..

The Challenges for the Female Entrepreneur

Women face far more barriers than their male counterparts, because they are much less confident in asking for what they want and feel uncomfortable talking about and asking for money.

More and more women are taking on higher levels of debt, yet they don’t necessarily know how to handle their finances.

Most serious shopaholics are women.

While more women today are taking charge of their financial future, many leave money management to men or ignore it altogether. As a result, far too many women stay on the sidelines of the money game and never take charge of their financial future.

When it comes to money, women often feel guilty. They blame themselves if they don't have enough and they feel badly if they have too much.

Women are more likely than men to say that money interferes with their personal relationships. In fact, money is said to be one of the biggest factors in marriage break-ups.



The seminar was a great success, and Veronica has since moved forward with her passions and business. You can catch up with her here:

Free Veronica Lim download. This report "17 things that can stop you dead in your tracks from creating lifetime wealth" was written back in 2003, and links to a now dead website - but still some good info there .... and, it's free. (New window will open for download)




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