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Part of the "Book Yourself Solid, The 7 Keys To Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even If You Hate Marketing And Selling".

An e-course by Michael Port - who has kindly let us reprint the first keys to your selling success:

By Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid" and leader of the ThinkBIG Revolution.


Key Number 1: Know Why People Buy What You're Selling

Julie, no matter what you say, think, or do - take the attention off of yourself, your business and your services. Every second of every day stay focused on clear, specific, and detailed solutions, benefits and advantages that appeal to your prospects. Clearly define the root of your prospects' problems and needs. Identify their Urgent Needs and Compelling Desires and then offer them an Invest-able Opportunity and you'll be booked solid in no time.

Michael Port Book Yourself Solid ... offer them an Invest-able Opportunity and you'll be booked solid in no time.



Develop a list that starts to identify what your clients are actually buying when the are buying your services.

What are your clients' Urgent Needs?

1. _____________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________

What are your clients' Compelling Desires?

1. _____________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________

What Invest-able Opportunities are you offering your clients?

1. _____________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________

Now, every time you communicate in person, through writing, on the internet, in an advertisement, on the phone, etc… articulate and re-articulate these Urgent Needs and Compelling Desires and the Invest-able Opportunities that you offer.

Key Number 2: Choose Your Ideal Clients

Julie, for maximum joy, prosperity, and abundance think about the person you are when you are most fully expressed… when you are with all the people who inspire and energize you. Make a long list of the characteristics these people have, because they are your Ideal Clients. When you are able to define your Ideal Clients you'll have permission to release any dead wood in your calendar. Then, and only then, will you be able to Book Yourself Solid because you'll be working with Ideal Clients, the people with whom you do your best work.

Start to define who your Ideal Clients are and the qualities that your Ideal Clients possess. Here are a few of my clients' essential qualities to get you started:

  • Bright (full of light and easily excitable)

  • Resilient (keep coming back)

  • Courageous (dream big)

  • Think big (their projects benefit large groups of people)

  • Naturally collaborative (they contribute and focus on their outcomes)



Now, come up with your own.
1. _____________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________

5. _____________________________________________

6. _____________________________________________

7. _____________________________________________

8. _____________________________________________

9. _____________________________________________

10. ____________________________________________

Benefits of working with Ideal Clients:

  • Clean energy to do your best work

  • Won't feel drained or tired

  • Feel invigorated and inspired

  • Connect with clients on a deeper level

  • Feel successful and confident

  • Know your work matters and is changing lives

  • The magic of you will come to life!

Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling (A*)


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